UKIP North East The Real Alternative Fri, 03 Jun 2016 11:29:26 +0000 en-US hourly 1 2016 North East Local Election Results Tue, 10 May 2016 11:41:25 +0000 AUTHORITY WARD CANDIDATE UKIP POSITION Sunderland Copt Hill Reginald Coulson 847 2nd Sunderland Doxford Vincent Costello 528 3rd Sunderland Fulwell Christopher Marshall 480 3rd Sunderland Hetton John Defty 1037 2nd Sunderland Houghton Anthony Holt 641 2nd Sunderland Pallion Ian Pallace 596 2nd Sunderland Sandhill Bryan Foster 579 2nd Sunderland Shiney Row Richard Elvin 847 2nd Sunderland Silksworth Alan Davies 649 2nd Sunderland Southwick Sandy Taylor 426 2nd Sunderland St Chad`s Joshua Green 448 3rd Sunderland Washington West Lynn O`Neil 551 2nd Hartlepool Burn Valley Evelyn Leck 562 2nd Hartlepool De Bruce Alan Hind 491 2nd Hartlepool Fens and Rossmere Bob Buchan 1191 1st Hartlepool Foggy Furze Darren Paul Price 748 2nd Hartlepool Hart Bob Addison 529 2nd Hartlepool Headland and Harbour Shane Moore 619 1st Hartlepool Jesmond John Tennant 754 1st Hartlepool Manor House Pam Gooderham 529 2nd Hartlepool Rural West Chris Cassidy 531 2nd Hartlepool Seaton Philip Lindley 428 3rd Hartlepool Victoria Steve Gooderham 421 2nd South Tyneside Beacon and Bents John Stephen Clarke 490 2nd South Tyneside Biddick and All Saints Kenneth William Taylor 406 2nd South Tyneside Harton Malcolm Pratt 538 2nd South Tyneside Horsley Hill Anita Daphne Campbell 521 2nd South Tyneside Simonside and Rekendyke John Howard Wright 485 2nd South Tyneside West Park Stephen Dagg 560 2nd South Tyneside Westoe Henry Pearce 642 2nd South Tyneside Whitburn and Marsden Charles McKenzie-Smith 498 2nd South Tyneside Whiteleas Kathleen Edna Wright 617 2nd Newcastle Benwell and Scotswood Mark Bickerton 1041 2nd Newcastle Blakelaw Ritchie Lane 470 2nd Newcastle Byker David Robinson-Young 470 2nd Newcastle Castle Timothy Marron 490 3rd Newcastle Dene David Muat 272 3rd Newcastle Denton Brian Moore 697 2nd Newcastle East Gosforth Peter Dunne 142 5th Newcastle Elswick Mark Page 421 2nd Newcastle Fawdon Alexis Fernandes 231 3rd Newcastle Fenham Christopher Ballantyne 626 2nd Newcastle Kenton Penelope Stansfield 576 2nd Newcastle Lemington Mike Adie 402 4th Newcastle Newburn James Robertson 512 2nd Newcastle North Heaton Elisabeth Edmundson 218 4th Newcastle North Jesmond Mark Lewis 62 5th Newcastle Ouseburn Joseph Todd 134 4th Newcastle Parklands John Atkinson 211 4th Newcastle South Heaton Max Peacock 156 3rd Newcastle South Jesmond James Askwith 133 5th Newcastle Walker Tony Sanderson 512 2nd Newcastle Walkergate Ray Hardy 768 2nd Newcastle West Gosforth Paul Coulthard 104 5th Newcastle Westerhope David Monkhouse 253 3rd Newcastle Westgate Anne Taylor 185 2nd Newcastle Wingrove Joseph Levy 200 4th Newcastle Woolsington Ian McKinnell 530 2nd Gateshead Birtley Chris Hook 310 3rd Gateshead Blaydon Glynis Legatt 390 2nd Gateshead Chopwell & Rowlands Gill Elaine O’Neill 397 2nd Gateshead Chowdene Nick Sundin 344 2nd Gateshead Crawcrook and Greenside David Fereday 472 2nd Gateshead Deckham Mark Bell 380 2nd Gateshead Dunston and Teams Josh Knotts 339 2nd Gateshead Dunston Hill and Whickham East Andrea Wright 293 3rd Gateshead Felling Michael McGuire 330 2nd Gateshead Lamesley Thomas Hall 529 2nd Gateshead Lobley Hill and Bensham Dot Lynch 420 2nd Gateshead Low Fell Miriam Evans 294 3rd Gateshead Ryton Crookhill and Stella Alan Craig 467 3rd Gateshead Saltwell Ponchi Kantt-Neaz 231 2nd Gateshead Wickham North William Lynch 264 3rd Gateshead Wickham South & Sunnyside Trevor Ashworth 290 3rd Gateshead Windynook and Whitehills Mark Douglas 494 2nd Gateshead Winlaton & High Spen Ray Tolley 632 2nd North Tyneside Benton Maureen Gallon 304 4th North Tyneside Chirton Norman Morse 581 2nd North Tyneside Collingwood Sylvia Simpson 546 3rd North Tyneside Cullercoats Phyl Masters 375 3rd North Tyneside Howdon Robert Mather 446 2nd North Tyneside Killingworth Brian Needham 459 2nd North Tyneside Monkseaton North Stephen Borlos 245 3rd North Tyneside Monkseaton South Gary Legg 444 3rd North Tyneside Preston Sheena Patterson 347 3rd North Tyneside Riverside Neil Mather 470 2nd North Tyneside St. Mary’s Hugh Jackson 339 3rd North Tyneside Tynemouth Henry Marshall 301 4th North Tyneside Valley Elizabeth Borlos 476 2nd North Tyneside Wallsend Jane McEachan 275 3rd North Tyneside Weetslade Irene Davidson 608 3rd North Tyneside Whitley Bay David Cory 242 3rd ]]> UKIP win 3 seats in Hartlepool Fri, 06 May 2016 01:53:50 +0000


Congratulations to our new UKIP Hartlepool Councillors John Tennant, Bob Buchan and Shane Moore!

Our strong team of five Councillors will now form the official opposition on Hartlepool Council.

The newly elected Councillors in Hartlepool have made the following statements:

Shane Moore: “I am immensely proud to have been elected to represent Headland and Harbour and pay tribute to my family and friends who have helped me over the line. UKIP is on the rise in Hartlepool and we intend to lead by example, creating an effective opposition to the unpopular Labour group.”

Bob Buchan “I’d like to thank the people of Fens and Rossmere for giving me a strong mandate, their confidence will be honoured and I shall get on with the job of being a good, trustworthy and effective Councillor”

John Tennant ” I’m hugely honoured to be elected on May 5th and indeed incredibly pleased with our results overall, UKIP is the opposition in Hartlepool and we have demonstrated that. I look forward to putting Labour under the microscope and fight hard for my ward residents

UKIP North East MEP Jonathan Arnott commented “I am absolutely delighted that UKIP is now the official opposition on Hartlepool Council. We have fought a great campaign, gained three seats, and could easily have gained more. The gains are a credit to everyone who helped to turn huge swathes of this town purple.

The real hard work starts now. We have to prove that our new councillors can do an excellent job in representing their constituents. We have toprove that UKIP can be a credible opposition in the Council chamber, holding an appallingly complacent Hartlepool Labour Party to account. I know that John, Shane and Bob will relish the opportunity to do just that.

But it’s not just in Hartlepool where we’re making progress. UKIP activists have worked incredibly hard to achieve good results across the region. It’s heartening to see just how many places there now are where UKIP are strong, credible challengers to Labour and this bodes well for our future in Sunderland, Newcastle and South Tyneside. When we have the results for North Tyneside and Gateshead, I’m sure they will be just as positive.”




Fens and Rossmere:

Bob Buchan (UKIP) 1191

Tom Casey (Green) 134

Dennis Loynes (Con) 240

Ann Marshall (Lab) 769


Headland and Harbour:

Jim Ainslie (Lab) 617

Chris Broadbent (Con) 117

Shane Moore (UKIP) 619



Robbie Payne (Lab)

648 John Tennant (UKIP) 754

Jayne Wells (Con) 150


Chirton Ward Action Day Wed, 27 Apr 2016 16:12:47 +0000 UKIP North Tynside are holding an action day in Chirton Ward on Saturday 30 April 2016 from 10:30- 14:00 in support of our Local Election Candidate Norman Morse.

The branch intend to hold 2 stalls encouraging local people to vote for UKIP, and canvass doors to find out voters intentions.

The branch would greatly appreciate any activists who would be happy to donate their time. A briefing will be held at 10:30 in the Spring Gardens Pub, Albion Road, North Shields, Tyne and Wear, NE29 0JB.

For more info please contact Scott Hartley at:

UKIP hit the campaign trail in Sunderland Mon, 18 Apr 2016 08:54:57 +0000 Joshua Green, Paul Holt and Reg Coulson – all from Houghton – will stand for election on May 5.

While they are hoping to be elected to the city council for the first time, the trio have spent a year on Hetton town Council.

Teenager Joshua, who works in IT, was selected for St Chads ward.

At the age of 19, he is the youngest councillor to be elected to the town council and hopes to be the youngest ever city councillor.

Copt Hill will have its first ever UKIP candidate with well-known local face Reg Coulson, who has been teaching people to drive for decades.

He said: “I am horrified to see our fields being developed for housing at an alarming rate and believe it’s time for change.”

Paul, from Houghton, works for an electronics company and is UKIP’s candidate for Houghton.

He said: “Decades of dominance by one political party has not proved beneficial to Sunderland or its residents.

“You only have to look at councils where there has been opposition in the council chamber to see what can be achieved.”#

You can read the full article on the Sunderland Echo website by clicking here.

Anger over government pro-EU propaganda Thu, 07 Apr 2016 11:56:52 +0000

Local MEP Jonathan Arnott has described spending almost £10 million on pro-EU propaganda for every household in the country as ”a kick in the face of democracy.”

Leaflets arguing for Britain to remain in the EU published by the government are due to land on doorsteps in the North East by next week.

“It is not just a kick in the face to democracy, it’s outrageous,” said Mr Arnott, UKIP Euro-MP.

“Taxpayers money is blatantly being used by the government to finance this propaganda blitz but meanwhile the campaign for Brexit is barred from spending such a vast sum.

“That is totally unfair and out of keeping with the British sense of fair play.

“It is also completely in keeping with EU tactics which not only try to fool people into believing it it is good for us but use our own money to bludgeon us about the head with their misleading information.

“Justifying it by saying that independent polling indicates 85% of voters want more information to make a decision before the June 23 referendum is disingenuous.

“People do want more information but they want to know the case for both sides and not just one,” added Mr Arnott.