Anger over government pro-EU propaganda

Local MEP Jonathan Arnott has described spending almost £10 million on pro-EU propaganda for every household in the country as ”a kick in the face of democracy.”

Leaflets arguing for Britain to remain in the EU published by the government are due to land on doorsteps in the North East by next week.

“It is not just a kick in the face to democracy, it’s outrageous,” said Mr Arnott, UKIP Euro-MP.

“Taxpayers money is blatantly being used by the government to finance this propaganda blitz but meanwhile the campaign for Brexit is barred from spending such a vast sum.

“That is totally unfair and out of keeping with the British sense of fair play.

“It is also completely in keeping with EU tactics which not only try to fool people into believing it it is good for us but use our own money to bludgeon us about the head with their misleading information.

“Justifying it by saying that independent polling indicates 85% of voters want more information to make a decision before the June 23 referendum is disingenuous.

“People do want more information but they want to know the case for both sides and not just one,” added Mr Arnott.