Anger over government pro-EU propaganda

Local MEP Jonathan Arnott has described spending almost £10 million on pro-EU propaganda for every household in the country as ”a kick in the face of democracy.”

Leaflets arguing for Britain to remain in the EU published by the government are due to land on doorsteps in the North East by next week.

“It is not just a kick in the face to democracy, it’s outrageous,” said Mr Arnott, UKIP Euro-MP.

“Taxpayers money is blatantly being used by the government to finance this propaganda blitz but meanwhile the campaign for Brexit is barred from spending such a vast sum.

“That is totally unfair and out of keeping with the British sense of fair play.

“It is also completely in keeping with EU tactics which not only try to fool people into believing it it is good for us but use our own money to bludgeon us about the head with their misleading information.

“Justifying it by saying that independent polling indicates 85% of voters want more information to make a decision before the June 23 referendum is disingenuous.

“People do want more information but they want to know the case for both sides and not just one,” added Mr Arnott.

Booklet – Making the case for Brexit: Why the North East should vote to leave the EU

UKIP North East’s Jonathan Arnott MEP has produced a two-part booklet explaining why the North East would be better off outside the EU. In the first part, he explains the positive case for leaving: why we would be better off if we could write our own legislation rather than have it dictated by Brussels diktat; why trade and jobs would improve if we were an independent nation, and the impact on fishing and farming. The other half of the booklet takes 18 of the top myths peddled by the pro-EU side, and destroys them one by one. The case for leaving the European Union has never been stronger; with a referendum approaching on June 23rd the other side’s arguments are efficiently dismantled in this booklet.

Please click here to read the booklet


What more barbaric suffering does someone have to inflict on an animal before they are sent straight to jail

MEP Jonathan Arnott has called for tougher sentences to be introduced for animal cruelty.

His demand came after two young thugs from Redcar walked free from court after subjecting a defenceless dog to a persistent attack so horrific that even experienced RSPCA investigators were shocked and sickened.

Andrew Frankish, 22, was videod repeatedly hurling a terrified bulldog, called Baby, down a flight of stairs as well as head butting and stamping on it for fun encouraged by his younger companion, now 18.

“What more barbaric suffering does someone have to inflict on an animal before they are sent straight to jail? posed Mr Arnott, UKIP Euro-MP for the North East.

“I am glad that they have been banned from keeping animals for life but I have no doubt that all right minded people think that a 21-week suspended sentence was insufficient punishment.

“I believe that the sentencing guidelines for animal cruelty need to be urgently reviewed and tougher sentences recommended, particularly as sadly we increasingly hear about such abuse and neglect.

“At present ‘unduly lenient’ sentences can only be reviewed for certain offences such as murder, rape, child exploitation and robbery amongst others.

“I think that the law should be changed to add animal cruelty to that list so that appropriate punishment is meted out to offenders, particularly when such torture has been inflicted as in the case of Frankish and his unnamed accomplice,” said Mr Arnott.

Anger over threats to Teesside steel jobs

Local UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott has reacted angrily to the threat to steel industry jobs in Teesside following Tata’s decision to sell off its UK business.

“These jobs, and others at sites elsewhere in the country, face extinction because of EU policies which have led to this tragic state of affairs.

“The USA has imposed anti-dumping tariffs of 266% on Chinese steel but we have just tinkered around the edges with only up to 25% which has not helped our workers one jot,” said Mr Arnott.

“Our energy costs are high thanks our ridiculous commitment to unreliable renewable power sources and while there are calls for state aid that is a dead duck as it is not allowed under EU state aid rules.

“Previous generations would find the collapse in the British steel industry totally unbelievable. It is wrong that our hands are tied by Brussels and our government is not prepared to put the livelihood of British workers before foreign red tape,” said Mr Arnott.

“Only by leaving the EU can we put the Great back in Britain but even after Brexit our government will need to take the right decisions; I fear it will be a race against time for our steelworkers,” he added.

Claims by Nicky Morgan over jobs for young people ‘nonsense’

Claims by Education Secretary Nicky Morgan that voting to leave the EU would impact adversely on young people is “nonsense”, said MEP Jonathan Arnott.

In a speech today she is arguing that there has already been a drop in advertised job vacancies because of employers’ fears of a British exit from Europe.

“That is just scaremongering and ironically what will actually harm job prospects for both young and old is actually new legislation approved by the European Parliament,” said Mr Arnott, UKIP Euro-MP for the North East.

“This new law expands and strengthens the European job site, EURES, by making it mandatory that UK Job Centre Plus puts all jobs publicly advertised with them onto the site.

“Currently employers can voluntarily put vacancies on EURES but this new report means all public sector jobs will have to go on it.

“That is not going to help employment prospects for anyone including young people and I am particularly concerned as the North East has the highest regional unemployment in the country.

“Nicky Morgan talks of a vote to leave meaning a gamble with children’s and grandchildren’s future and that our influence as country would end at our shores. What absolute nonsense.

“The EU is in a state of economic decline while other countries are on the up, such as Brazil and India, and after Brexit we could sign our own trade agreements with whoever we chose.

“We must not forget our Commonwealth ties and freed from the grip of Brussels we can regain out independence and secure our future in the world,” said Mr Arnott.